What about a couple of new songs for you?

We taped a couple of tunes during our latest rehearsal for you to enjoy!


Nancy Boys

4/27/20231 min read

Nancy Boys - Rehearsal
Nancy Boys - Rehearsal

We thought it would be cool to share some previously unrecorded songs with you, sweet cupcakes.

So we shot some during our latest rehearsal and put them online before our next live gig.

First, you get "Strip Poker Loser", an original we penned last year or something. Those of you who were at our first concert have already heard it. Once.
We do believe that this one might please the audience. And we are talking worldwide sonic domination here, of course.

Then, our quite personal take on Lou Reed's tune "I Can't Stand It".
On this one, we wondered how it would sound if Aerosmith were his backing band. And then, if we add our own thing.

It's live; it's raw; it's everything we love as Rock N Roll!

Nancy Boys "Strip Poker Loser" (Live in Rehearsal)

Nancy Boys "I Can't Stand It" (Live in Rehearsal)